The World’s Most Unforgettable Mukbang Content

This time, it’s all about food, food, and lots of food. Perhaps you have heard of “mukbang?” You sure do!

Mukbang, which is actually a Korean word that means “eating broadcast,” is usually live streamed, featuring a person eating literally a huge quantity of food and connecting with the audience.

Intrigued but quite unfamiliar with it? We’ll introduce you to some of the best mukbang influencers of all time. 

1. Zach Choi ASMR 

First is Zach Choi, respected because of his impressive skills with spicy food. He has done content on the spiciest chip challenge, spicy noodles, and so much more. He is hailed as “the king of spice.” As of press time, he has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube. 

2. Banzz

Next is Banzz, who you wouldn’t think eats massive amounts of food because of his fit body. He is regarded as one of the pioneers in this kind of online content. He’s the old-school, yet authentic Korean mukbanger, famous for being able to eat large amounts of food while retaining his impressive physique. He has over two million subscribers on YouTube, as of press time. 


With a lot of mukbang content creators around, you have to make sure you stand out, and this is what SIO ASMR is actually doing. Aside from consuming the food, he practically shows viewers how he shops for the food in his mukbang, even recording the cooking process, and finally eating them. He is also the king of space. Right now, he has over nine million subscribers on YouTube.

4. Dorothy

Think this list is male-dominated? We got the females right here, starting off with Dorothy. Her body may be small, but it is terrible. She manages to cram huge portions of food in that petite physique. Her tolerance for spiciness? Unmatched. She can eat food flavored with ghost pepper powder without flinching. Whoa! She has over four million subscribers on YouTube right now.

5. Yuka Kinoshita

Drums are rolling for Yuka Kinoshita, a Japanese mukbang influencer. Who says mukbang is only for Koreans? 

Specifically, she consumes ginormous 12,000-calorie, 16-kilogram meals that her followers keenly watch. She has also been featured on various Japanese variety shows for this talent, while keeping her body slim and healthy. As of press time, she has over five million subscribers on YouTube. 

Mukbang became popular in South Korea during  the early 2010s, and has become a global trend since the mid-2010s. Hats off to these content creators!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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