Madison Beer Performs ‘Sweet Relief’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ + Her Handbag Beauty Essentials

You’ve heard about singer-songwriter and social media star Madison Beer’s guesting on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for its Halloween episode here on PopCulturizm. This time, we’re sharing what she performed for the audience that time. Plus, we’re also revealing her handbag beauty essentials. Read on. 

‘Sweet Relief’

The 24-year-old offered the audience some “Sweet Relief” as she performed this song of hers during her guesting in the Halloween episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Sweet Relief” is the second song on Beer’s sophomore album, Silence Between Songs. The song is about having a crush and being smitten over somebody.

During her performance, she rocked a silver glitter dress, where she belted out the notes with the band and with the set being an eerie Halloween-themed playground. 

“Her live vocals are really good… it’s  genius and amazing,” commented @arlenec3983.

Handbag beauty essentials

Meanwhile, are you wondering what the handbag of this talented singer contains? In a recent video by Refinery29, a digital media and entertainment website centered on women, Beer emptied out her leopard-print Chrome Hearts handbag to reveal what’s inside.

It’s got a handy claw clip, a hand sanitizer, a lip care galore – from her Rhode Peptide Lip Treatments to her MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner – her signature scents – like the Glossier You Solid perfume – and her My Melody makeup bag. Yes, a Hello Kitty product. 

“The fact she has a Nintendo [Switch] and [Sanrio] products just makes me love her even more,” commented @safirasutarto2346.

No doubt, she’s a glamor goddess! 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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