N3on goes on hot date with Rubi Rose

This week, popular streamer N3on got his wish and went on a date with rap artist Rubi Rose. For several months, N3on had been singing her praises and is a keen admirer of the lyricist. To set the tone, he dressed in a suit and met her in the back of a limousine. Here, she opted for more of a casual look but still complimented his smart attire.

In total, the video lasted over 1 hour, and at one point, N3on even kissed Rubi Rose on her cheek. He prepared for this by wiping his lips and almost fainted after due to the intensity of the moment. Funnily, Rubi Rose tagged N3on later, as well as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is pretty damning as far as a first date goes, and unfortunately for N3on, it looks as though he’s been left firmly in the friend zone (or a zone below this, if such a thing exists).

Although this may have been done jokingly, there was a lot to gain for both parties. Since the video, it has gained hundreds of thousands of views in under 24 hours. This will act as great publicity for both N3on and Rubi Rose.

N3on is a Kick streamer and YouTuber who’s been making waves in the gaming and internet communities lately. He’s known for his controversial antics and collaborations with big names like Adin Ross and Sneako.

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Martin Dover

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