7 of the Scariest Halloween Legends From Around the World

All of us love a good scare every once in a while. And Halloween happens to be the perfect night to treat yourself to a horror movie. After all, it is the night when monsters are at the peak of their power. 

We’ve collected some of the scariest horror stories from all corners of the world to spice up your night with a horror treat. Though old, these legends deeply influence modern culture and have been featured in thousands of horror stories. 

So, get your crosses ready. And bottle up a gallon of holy water. These God-forsaken beings are scary enough to make you wet even your adult beds. You have been warned!

La Llorona, The Weeping Woman

Five hundred years ago in Mexico, there lived a beautiful woman named Maria. She married a wealthy man and birthed two beautiful children. But slowly, her husband lost interest in her. 

Source: Mythology Unleashed // Youtube

One day, she spotted him with another woman. In a fit of rage and jealousy, she drowned her own children to death. Realizing what she had done, her entire soul regretted the decision. But the deed couldn’t be undone. All she could do was cry in despair with extreme guilt, which she did till her last breath.  

After her death, people started to hear the sound of a weeping woman on the shores of rivers and lakes. One night, some curious men followed the sound. They were never seen after that night. 

If you hear a woman cry, lock your room and tuck yourself tightly into your blanket. You are not safe until sunrise.    

Chupacabra, Vampire of Goats

If you happen to notice the disappearance of cats and dogs in your neighborhood, do not get out of your house during the night. This evil deed may be Chupacabra’s doing. 

Source: Mythology Unleashed // Youtube

Chupacabra is similar to a vampire, but he sucks blood from animals instead of humans. They act only during the night. If a human happens to catch him in his act, he’ll switch targets and attack you instead. He doesn’t want humans to know about his presence. 

This creature of the night hails from Puerto Rico and is popular in Latin American folklore. His name translates to “goat sucker” in Spanish, and is responsible for countless blood-drained bodies of livestock. He is described as a reptilian creature with sharp fangs and red, glowing eyes.   

Though he may sound like a vampire, he is immune to garlic and UV lights; making him far more potent than the descendants of Count Dracula. 

Krampus, Sant’s Evil Twin

During Christmas, St. Nicholas visits children to surprise them with gifts as a reward for their good behavior. But if you happen to be on Santa’s naughty list, you’ll be visited by Krampus on Halloween night. Krampus originates from Austro-Bavarian folklore and stands as the vile counterpart to the benevolent Santa Claus. 

Source: Alessio Zaccaria

He is feared for his menacing appearance, with a furry body, satanic horns, and a long, pointed tongue. He specifically targets misbehaving kids, using chains and switches to bring hell on earth for them. 

If you want to know more about this maniacal monster, watch Krampus, a 2015 movie by Michael Dougherty. Make sure you have a friend while watching this horror film or else you will have to wake up on a wet bed. 

The Headless Horseman

In search of glory, a German mercenary went to serve the British army during the American Revolutionary War. During the heat of the battle, he lost his head to a cannonball fire that ended his life. However, his ghost remained, appearing during pitch-black nights to search for his head. Obviously, he hasn’t been able to find his own head. So, he will chop off any living heads as an act of revenge. 

Source: Lady of the Library// Youtube

This vengeful demon derives from Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and in time, has become a classic Halloween legend. Irving may have taken inspiration from Dullahan, a headless rider from Irish myths. The difference is that Dullahan carries his severed head in his hand. Irving’s headless rider, on the other hand, carries a pumpkin. That may seem comical, but it surely adds to the creeps!

Baba Yaga, Mother of Witches 

In Slavic folklore, there exists an old grandma residing in a hut, with bony legs and magical powers. She flies in a mortar and wields a pestle. Some stories depict her as a wise old woman who helps heroes in their quest. But other stories are cautionary: she lures children into her hut and eats them! 

Source: Mythology And legends // Youtube

She doesn’t like to eat raw human meat. So, she fries them in a large pan. To add to her victim’s misery, she keeps them alive as long as possible, up until the boiling oil takes away her food’s life. 

Baba Yaga is without a doubt one of the most memorable and distinctive figures in Eastern European folklore. With her iconic broom, she has inspired the features and characteristics of all witches ever after.  

Noppera-Bo, Faceless Shapeshifter 

Going all the way to the land of the rising sun, we have a supernatural entity from Japan: the infamous Noppera-Bo. From afar, they appear human in every way possible. Once you get close to them, you will behold a sight that will haunt you for the rest of your life! 

Source: Draw the Life TikTak // Youtube

Noppera-Bos make every attempt to hide their faces. That is because they don’t have any facial features. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. When they reveal themselves, you’ll get a jaw-dropping jumpscare for sure!

While they aren’t known to kill, they enjoy scaring humans. They first take the form of a friend or family. And once you let your guard down, they melt away their facial features like candle wax.  

This entity is endearingly portrayed in Japanese anime and has been featured in Ghibli’s Spirited Away.  

Teke Teke, an Urban Legend

Brace yourself, because three days after you learn the history of this creature, she will make an appearance. Some years after the Second World War, a Japanese office lady in Hokkaido was assaulted by an American. 

Source: TTI English // Youtube

Distraught by what had happened to her, she jumped off a bridge onto a railway track and got hit by a moving train. The impact was severe enough to tear her in half. She didn’t die right away, as something prevented her from losing too much blood. When a station staff found her legless body, he just covered her body with a plastic tarp and left, despite her desperate cry for medical attention. She died a slow and painful death. 

Now that you have heard of her story, she will come to visit you. She doesn’t have legs, but don’t think you can outrun her. After all, she is known to be faster than a speeding car. 

She despises this world and is vengeful of her fate. Some say that her victims get their bodies torn into two just like hers. But before she erases you from this world, she will ask you some questions. If you answer all the questions correctly, maybe she’ll spare you. But there’s no telling what this devil-incarnate intends to do with you… 

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