Airsoft Fatty collaborates with Badlands Chugs – As both drink liters of Prime

It’s a collaboration that makes sense, while also being incredibly unhealthy. This week, the iconic Airsoft Fatty teamed up with the equally famous Badlands Chugs. In true Badlands style, they both chugged large quantities of Glowberry Prime from glass boots.

To put this into perspective, this was the equivalent of four full bottles of the Prime drink being drunk in one go. This equates to 2 litres each. Clearly, both men are not exactly healthy, and this amount of sugar in one sitting may allude to why this is the case. Nonetheless, it’s certainly entertaining and the numbers don’t lie. Currently, Badlands Chugs has over 3.5 million subscribers which means that people are clearly interested in watching a man drink copious amounts of sugary energy drinks.

The video took place at Times Square, New York. Here, Badlands described it as ‘The collab of the century’. This included a freestyle rap from Airsoft Fatty (while wearing sunglasses and bleached, neon hair) before heading out to eat. Here, they visited a delicatessen and had large sandwiches with lots of meat.

While both men are known for their large frames and loud personalities, this collaboration took a while to come out. It may not be the last work between the two either, as they seemed to enjoy natural chemistry. On a final note, it’s good to see Airsoft Fatty consistent and happy in his work after a tough time in his personal life.



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