Sssniperwolf poses in sultry outfit for Halloween

On Halloween, Sssniperwolf brushed off her recent YouTube demonetization by posing up a storm as she dressed as the iconic Regina George from Mean Girls. Here, she pulled a sultry pose while sitting on top of a pink Ferrari and captioned the photo: ‘Get in loser we’re going shopping.’ This was a famous line used by Regina George in the movie. Here, George was a high school socialite who infamously dressed up as a bunny for a Halloween party which is who Sssniperwolf mimicked. As seen, she even wore a blonde wig as there was no hint of her usual darker hair. This photo was shared to her 5.5 million Instagram followers.

Despite flaunting her ample assets and looking the part, all is not well in the world of Sssniperwolf. This is because she is still coming off the back of a major YouTube controversy following accusations of doxxing a fellow content creator. This led to her removing comments from her channel for a while to minimize the damage to her reputation.

In a similar move, her Instagram comments had also been turned off for the aforementioned photo. This was the first one in weeks which may be due to similar reasons for closing her YouTube comments. So far, this shows that Ssniperwolf is still recovering from the doxxing saga and while she hasn’t been completely canceled yet, time has since passed, and the internet is still in no hurry to forgive or forget.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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