Comedy JOE Asks People: Prison For A Year, Or Solve The Rubik’s Cube And Get Out?

Going to prison is one of the last things on a person’s bucket list – or if this even is included on their list. But what if you go to prison, be given a Rubik’s cube, solve it, then get out? 

This is the question that popular Facebook page Comedy JOE recently asked random people, and the answers they got are interesting. 

“Would you rather go to prison for a year, or go to prison with a Rubik’s cube and get out when you solve it?” – that is the question from Comedy JOE.

Some prefer to just stay in prison for a year, while others are brave enough to choose the other option. Here are their interesting answers and explanations.

“I’m pretty good at Rubik’s cubes so I’d say probably Rubik’s cube I reckon,” one man said, adding that he’d just be in prison for a day to solve the cube. 

Meanwhile, another man, who looked a little bit older, said, “I’d say just go to prison for a year.”

“Not a chance with the Rubik’s cube?” Comedy JOE followed up.

“No, no,” the man firmly answered. “I don’t think there is, even in a year!”

Interestingly, another guy said he prefers not to go to prison because he’s a “good boy,” he joked. But, that’s not in the options!

Invented in 1974 by Hungarian architecture professor Ernõ Rubik, the Rubik’s cube starts with a mix-up of colors of tiny cubes within an even bigger cube. The goal is to turn them around until each side that has the cubes has the same color. For instance, all blue on one side, and all yellow on the other side.

The netizens who watched Comedy JOE’s video are also sharing their answers. 

Many of them chose the Rubik’s cube option. 

“2 minutes and I’d be going home!” Facebook netizen Kevin Gaynor commented.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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