Man Jumps Into Lagoon At Walt Disney World To Win $6,000 Bet

Sceneries and spectacles at Disneyland theme parks around the world, such as the EPCOT resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando in Florida, are a feast for the eyes. The parks also have lagoons, but they are definitely not for swimming. 

However, this man, who was caught on a viral video captured by Walt Disney World vloggers, jumped off a walkway bridge into a lagoon at the Florida park’s EPCOT resort. 

Apparently, the man is popular on social media for collecting and trading Pokémon cards.

The video has gone around online, posted by vloggers and news agencies. It shows the man climbing over the bridge railing and standing over the water for a while, asking, “How deep is the water?” 

His friends encouraged him to jump, but the bystanders who were seeing him warned him of the consequences.

“You’re gonna get kicked out of Disney, mister,” a person was heard saying.

But he jumped, plunging into the lagoon. 

According to vloggers Brendan and Gwyn of DisFamily Adventures, one of the YouTube channels that shared the video, they were just waking by when they overheard the man and his friends “acting up.” 

Apparently, the man and his buddies were discussing a bet, with his friends saying they would give him $6,000 if he jumped. After he did the act, he returned to the sidewalk and raised his arms in triumph.

However, the Disneyland security was quickly alerted, and kicked him out of the premises. 

Whether the man got the money or not is unknown. 

Oh, what people would do for money.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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