Kai Cenat Is Officially Part Of Paramount+’s Movie, ‘Good Burger 2’

If you’ve watched the latest trailer of Paramount+’s upcoming new movie, “Good Burger 2,” you would easily spot streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat in it. Yes, he is officially part of the movie, and he shares how he got a role. 

Dream come true

Kai Cenat has skyrocketed in popularity over just a short amount of time, swiftly becoming the second most popular Twitch streamer, according to website TwitchTracker

Back in July 2023, if you have been following him closely, the influencer expressed his desire to act in movies. Now, he is finally making this dream come true. 

“Good Burger 2” is an upcoming movie Paramount+, a platform that lets you stream various shows like how it works on Netflix and Disney+. 

The sequel to “Good Burger” from 1997, “Good Burger 2” takes place 26 years after the events of the first film as inventor Dexter Reed reunites with his co-worker Ed at Good Burger, his former workplace. 

“Good Burger 2” stars Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Shar Jackson, Carmen Electra, and Josh Server, among many others. 

Kai Cenat’s role in the movie, however, is just minor. From the trailer, it shows his role is a Good Burger customer dissatisfied with the food he’s been served. 


So how did he land on the film? It’s all about serendipity.

“You wanna know what’s so crazy? Chat if you remember there’s a clip on Twitch of people saying Kai would be good in Good Burger,” he said. “A girl called me [right after] and asked if I wanted to be in Good Burger 2.”

Kai Cenat is not the only influencer who managed to land a role in a movie. You could remember gaming influencer Markiplier also landed a role in “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” but he declined it. 

So many opportunities for influencers like them, right? Just hoping their roles will be more major.

Watch the “Good Burger 2” trailer with Kai Cenat below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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