Content Creator Surprises Pregnant Couple Who Couldn’t Afford To Buy New Stuff For Their Baby

It is uplifting to hear stories of content creators who are more than just raking fame online, but also make the effort to use their influence to help other people. 

One of them is Taylor Watson, a singer-songwriter and social media star, who decided to help a pregnant couple who could not afford to buy new stuff for their baby. 


In the video shared by Watson on her Facebook page, Watson stumbled upon a pregnant couple in what appeared to be a store selling newborn baby items, or a section of a store for babies, who could not afford to buy stuff for their baby. 

The expectant mother kept getting items from the shelves she wanted for their baby – such as diapers, maternity outfits, and other goods for newborns – but her husband would stop her telling her they could not afford those things.

“These ones are cute. Can we get this one?” the woman would tell her man. 

But her husband would only tell her things like, “We can get the smaller one,” “We can’t afford that,” and “Honey, I told you, we can’t at the full price.”

So, Watson, who was following them across the shelves in the store, would see which items the woman wanted, and would get them and place them in her shopping cart. 

The biggest surprise

After the couple was done shopping, Watson did a gimmick to make it appear her cart, already filled with the items, bumped with the couple’s cart, which only contained fewer items. The content creator then placed the items from her cart to the couple’s cart.

“Why are you putting [these] in our cart?” the couple asked the content creator, clueless about what she was doing.

“It’s the right cart… We just overheard some things you guys were saying about not being able to afford certain things…” Taylor told the couple. 

After Taylor was done transferring the items to the couple’s cart, she handed them a stash of money. 

“We want to give you this gift so you can pay for all the things you really want for your baby,” the content creator told the couple. 

“Thank you so much!” the expectant mother said, hugging Watson.

Praised by netizens 

Watson’s video already earned around 12 million views and around 397,000 reactions as of press time. Of course, the netizens are applauding her act.

“[I’m] so proud of you [Ma’am.. many more blessings to come for you (emoji) God bless,” Lavenia Sarahadil commented. 

A touching moment, indeed.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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