Netizens Create Fake LEGO Toy Memes Depicting Gaza

Concerning the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as the issues related to the Gaza Strip, some people take it seriously, while others instead want to take it lightly. 

Some netizens shared images of fake LEGO toys that say “Gaza City” on the box, showing the LEGO pieces broken apart and just messily piled, depicting the destructions seen in various places in the Middle Eastern region. 

LEGO is an iconic toy brand enjoyed by both children and adults worldwide. They are plastic building-block toys that rose to immense popularity during the mid-20th century. According to Britannica, LEGO is one of the most successful game brands in marketing history. 

You can create several different structures with LEGO pieces, such as those from pop culture like “Star Wars,” castles, and popular landmarks across the globe. 

Apparently, some netizens decided to create images of fake LEGO toy boxes that depict the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

You can see some of those memes below.

“[LEGO] Gaza City. Comes [pre-built]…” wrote Facebook netizen Kenneth Coleman on the caption of the image he shared. 

Some are just saying how funny the memes are.

“Genius! I love it,” commented another Facebook netizen named Tim Cade. 

It appears that these LEGO toys are officially fake. Searching around on Google, there are no results that lead to LEGO actually selling these types of toys.

But, despite these people seemingly making fun of the issue, this is indeed no laughing stock. 

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been ongoing for decades now, but this year’s war began last October 7th, with Hamas’ coordinated surprise offensive on Israel. Hamas is the leader of Palestinian militant groups. 

This war has already killed at least 8,306 Palestinians in Gaza since it started, and more than 1,400 in Israel, as of press time

Gaza is ruled by Hamas. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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