YouTuber Rosanna Pansino Apologizes To MrBeast After Accusing Him Of Editing Her Out Of ‘Creator Games’

You know of the rift between MrBeast and Irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye. This time, the world’s most famous influencer is finding himself in a “conflict” with another YouTuber, Rosanna Pansino. 

Pansino, 38, is not only a YouTuber, but also an actress, author, and a singer. She is named as one of the highest-paid content creators on YouTube, and was listed on Forbes’ top food influencers in 2017. 

Three days ago, Pansino accused MrBeast of editing her out of a video in his “Creator Games” series, adding it was “extra upsetting” for her. Now, the female YouTuber has apologized to MrBeast, partly due to the “death threats” she received.

The story

The YouTuber and actress said MrBeast edited her out of one of his “Creator Games” series, a challenge that pits famous YouTubers against each other in games like hide-and-seek and rock-paper-scissors. 

Pansino has appeared in all three installments of that series, saying that in the 2021 edition, titled “Extreme $1,000,000 Hide and Seek,” she emerged in third place. But, she said that the video uploaded in December 2021 did not feature her in the top three. Instead, it featured other YouTubers, specifically Logan Paul, Larray, and Zach King as the top three winners. 

She posted her statement on X, “MrBeast had edited the video to make me look like I performed worse than I did. This was extra upsetting because I genuinely believed him when he said that his videos are ‘authentic and real.’”

Pansino also brought this up during her guesting on one of the most recent episodes of Trisha Paytas’ podcast, “Just Trish,” saying she did not reveal this too soon because she feared the wrath of MrBeast’s fans.  

You can watch the podcast below.

Fans gather around MrBeast 

As expected, fans gathered around MrBeast, and even allegedly sent “death threats” to Pansino. 

These “death threats” were partly the reason why she apologized already, and also pulled out her tweets. 

You can see her statement below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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