Comet Twice The Size Of Mount Everest Set To Light Up Earth’s Skies

Comets may be a real and scientific phenomenon in the skies, but cultures around the world have got stories to tell whenever they see this brightness

These comets have brought dread, fear, and awe in various cultures and societies worldwide through time. Some call comets as “the Harbinger of Doom,” while others call them “the Menace of the Universe.” 

Comets have also been regarded as omens of disaster and messengers of the gods. 

Whether you believe these superstitions or not, a comet twice the size of Mount Everest, the tallest point of Earth, is bound to illuminate the skies in mid-April next year. 

The comet, whose names include “Devil Comet” and Pons-Brooks, actually has a cycle of around 71 years and will be positioned approximately 232 million kilometers from this planet.  

Furthermore, this comet, according to astronomers’ observations, has “horns” surrounding its nucleus, hence its name “Devil Comet.” These horns are tails made of gas and dust resulting from unusual outbursts. 

“It might be brought enough that you can see [it] with your naked eye or with binoculars, but that’s not because it’s going to be super close,” said Teddy Kareta, a postdoctoral researcher at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona. “It’s because it’s just generally very bright.”

Will this comet be dangerous? Experts say there is no cause to be concerned about this regard. There’s no reason to be worried. 

“We know it’s big. We know it’s an outlier. We know it’s rare,” added Kareta, further saying that he believes “a lot of people are excited about” this comet. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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