Man Switches Price Tag Stickers So He Can Buy The More Expensive Steak For Less

We strongly advise you not to try for yourself what you are about to read. 

The economy is looking like it is heading to a downward slope, and showing no signs of getting better. Prices of commodities are increasing. Just visiting a grocery store, you won’t expect what stuff you can buy with the budget you have. 

Last year, a report on CNN shared about people switching to cheaper chickens at the grocery store since steaks were becoming too expensive.

Well, this unidentified man has seemed to have found a turnaround – he switches price tag stickers in the grocery store so he can buy the more expensive steak at a lesser price. Cunning, but definitely illegal. 

A video of the man was picked up and shared by TikToker @southcentraljag showing the hand of an adult man switching the price tag stickers of two packages of steak in a grocery store. 

After adroitly removing the price tag of one product, he is seen in the video walking a few feet over to the more expensive steaks. 

From the video, it is unclear who the man is or at which store he is doing the crime, but this is something that many netizens are condemning. 

Jennifer Tisdale, a writer at pop culture news website Distractify, said in her report of this story, “In all my years of trying to remove a price tag without issue, I’ve never succeeded. I always rip something, or leave part of the sticker behind. Not this guy. He’s good.”

Others who have watched the TikTok video are also airing their side.

TikToker @jollyfatone said, “my ex went to jail for a year for that”

Meanwhile, another TikToker, @bmcd12, said what the man did is considered shoplifting. 

TikToker Andy Coyle said the act is “so illegal.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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