This Teacher Treats His Students To A Delicious Breakfast Before Starting The Class

Attending classes with an empty stomach is difficult. 

More often than not, teachers will start their classes dooming their students about complicated mathematics problems, or perhaps hard-to-spell words. But not for this teacher. 

This teacher recently shared a video on his Facebook channel Jerics Channel where he was shown preparing and serving a breakfast meal to his students before he started his class. 

“Monday breakfast for my pupils,” he captioned the post. The video has already gained 1.2 million reactions as of press time. 

The teacher decided to one day prepare a delicious breakfast for his students consisting of rice and lechon, a popular dish in the Philippines which is actually roasted piglet. 

In the video, the kind teacher is seen slicing parts of the roasted piglet dish, and handing plates to each of his students. Also, as the students entered the room one by one, they would also mix their own coffee drinks with a coffee blend consisting of mangosteen, corn, and moringa, which is a healthy type of coffee that also came from the teacher. 

Aside from the roasted pork, rice, and coffee, the teacher also gave the students tumblers they can use.

The teacher, whose name is Jeric Maribao from the province of Misamis Occidental in the Philippines, told the media that aside from treating his pupils with food, he would also conduct other gimmicks to keep enthusiasm in his class, such as encouraging his students to pick name tags with their dream profession written on them, giving them vitamins, and more. 

As expected, the teacher is getting praise from netizens. 

Timbang Marites commented, “Sir, you [are generous] and kind. God bless.”

Another said, “If he is my teacher, I’d report to class earlier than him.”

Truly, acts of kindness like this will go a long way.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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