Restaurant In Japan Says The Secret To Their Flavorful Barbecue Is The Sauce Container They Haven’t Cleaned For 60 Years!

A popular yakitori – a dish of chicken pieces grilled on a skewer – restaurant in Japan is getting mixed reactions from netizens after saying they are using the same sauce container for making their barbecue dishes without cleaning the container for more than half a century.

Mixed reactions from netizens

A Japanese TV show and a Facebook page recently featured Abe-chan, a famous barbecue restaurant in Japan, which said that the secret to the delicious yakitoris they serve is the sauce jar they haven’t not cleaned even once for 60 years. 

Some are saying that they would avoid ordering and eating at the restaurant. 

“No thanks. They don’t believe in bacteria and viruses. For sure they also don’t brush their teeth and never took a bath (emoji),” commented Facebook netizen Miguelito Merilleno, Jr. 

Meanwhile, others agreed that what they serve are really delicious, saying that they did not get sick after eating at the restaurant many times. 

“This yakitori is so delicious. The best food in Japan (emojis),” commented Judy Garcia Magsano.

Another Facebook netizen, Phoenix Austin Shedd, said he is willing to try their dishes. 

How about sanitation?

According to Abe-chan’s current owner, the sauce jar they use for making their barbecue that has not been cleaned for decades is what spices up their yakitori.

When asked if they were afraid to see a customer getting sick or having food poisoned, they confidently said that the food they serve is clean. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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