Know What Would Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking For A Full Year

It’s October and that means various Oktoberfest events around you can attend. Then, we’re heading to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year where family get-togethers will be more frequent than ever. 

That also means more chances that you’ll be invited to drink. 

While some definitely take this route, others prefer to go Sober October – an Australian initiative that encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October – and even imbibe this mantra for a year.

For those who are willing to take the challenge of not drinking for a year, rejoice, because there are several good benefits that this can give for your health. 

According to a recent report on British digital publisher LADbible, those who choose this route will notice they will have more energy and improved mood, and their dopamine levels returning to normal, so they won’t find themselves relying on alcohol, as they would normally do. 

Furthermore, they will also lose some weight, and their risk of heart, liver, and kidney diseases, as well as cancer, will dramatically drop. Plus, their immune system will be stronger than ever. So, their body will be better at fighting off illnesses.  

As you reach your three months of not drinking and onwards, your risk of developing oral, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, breast, liver, stomach, colorectal, and ovarian cancers will start to reduce.  

As for the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, they will pretty much be all gone. 

However, take note that those suffering from alcohol addiction will find it hard to counter the cravings. So, the cravings will still be there for these individuals.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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