Guilty? Dream Going Viral After His Reaction To A Knotty Comment Was Caught On Camera

Twitch streamer and popular “Minecraft” creator Dream has recently gone viral on various social media platforms after a video of him reacting to a comment that said “p*dophile” circulated around. 

Watch the video below. 

Dream has received several negative comments after he and fellow Internet personality GeorgeNotFound turned to look at the camera immediately after hearing the knotty comment. 

For those who need more context on this, Dream has been put in hot water over his alleged misconduct with his underage fans. As a result, the video of him reacting to the call-out “p*dophile” has garnered literally a lot of reaction from netizens. 

One netizen, @Francis_Pilot, commented, “Why he look with GUILT on Face (emojis)”

To which @maxezfc responded, “He was shocked (emoji)”

During that time, Dream and his friends were on the streets of Las Vegas attending TwitchCon. Fellow content creator VeryChiefed was the person behind the camera who did the call-out. 

Considering that Dream is very popular not only in the gaming community, people would treat these small reactions as a big deal.

For those who don’t know who Dream is, he is a “Minecraft” content creator who was formerly “anonymous” as he used to hide his real face by wearing a smiley mask. However, last fall, he finally revealed his face on-camera for the first time. 

However, a few months later, he put his signature smiley face mask back on, and asked that his real name not be used after he received too much “attention and hate,” according to his words, online. 

He has a recording contract with Republic Records. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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