2024’s Top Home Design Trends – According To TikTok

We are still a few months away from New Year 2024, but the world of interior design is already sparking with ideas for next year. If you are looking for interior design inspirations, you might want to head to TikTok. Here are the top home design trends coming this 2024 according to the social media platform. 

1. Old Will Be New Again

According to content creator Claire, who goes by the name @renowayoflife on TikTok, and who shares DIY and design tips for your dream home, old will be new again. So, brace yourself for some vintage touches in 2024. 


2. The Rise Of Statement Furniture

While simplicity and minimalism in designs are what most people are after for several years, some are looking to express themselves more, particularly in their future. Experts say that 2024 will be the year when statement furniture will be in the limelight.

3. Lots Of Almond Beige

In every trendy home design, beige is a color that’s always at the forefront. It is not only trendy, but timeless and classic, too. Beige compliments almost all colors. 

However, it is also true that some people have become sick of it. So, to bridge the gap, almond beige is coming to the rescue. This shade is slightly warmer and has a more updated tone. You shall expect to see almond beige in cabinetry in modern kitchens next year.

4. Unexpected Accents 

You ask if we mean shocking accents? You got it. In 2022 and this year, you saw a lot of painted arches in designs. But, in 2024, this concept shall evolve to more unexpected accents. By those, we mean painting ceilings, moldings, and railings with a bold pop of color, as well as color drenching – or painting walls, ceilings, and trim all in the same hue.

Other interior design trends for next year are burnt amber accents and walk-in pantries. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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