Woman Recreates, Models Her Grandma’s Old Fashion Designs

The fashion industry may look very much glamorous, glitzy, and sophisticated, but fashion designers also have their share of setbacks and challenges. Art for art’s sake. Never easy.

Perhaps one of the best ways to show these artists how much you appreciate them is by recreating their designs. Just like what this TikToker is doing. 

And she isn’t only recreating designs, but she is recreating the old designs of her grandmother, who is shown in her videos as a fashion designer. 

In the video feature shared by the Facebook page of STUDENTbible, the woman, who goes by the name @boringbb on TikTok, would climb down the stairs to show her grandma, sitting on a chair downstairs, her old designs recreated. Her grandma was like a jury member in “Project Runway,” commenting on her granddaughter’s recreations.

The grandmother couldn’t be any happier. What a touching moment. 

“Now that’s pretty darn interesting! Oh you have to turn around for the bow part,” the grandma commented on her granddaughter’s modeling of an attire with a bow wrapped around it. “Wow. Oh, yes!”

According to a report on Good Morning America, which took the effort to get to know more about the woman and her grandma, the grandmother dropped out of fashion school in the 1940s to financially support her family, so she actually never able to pursue a fashion career. But, she kept many of her sketches, which her granddaughter is now recreating. 

“And I think you executed it very nicely! You did it much better than I did in the drawing!” the grandmother complimented. 

Other TikTokers are loving what the granddaughter is doing.

“I love how you are bringing her visions to life with your own flair,” commented TikToker Jessica Holloway. 

The granddaughter has actually been doing the recreations for quite some time. You can watch one of her videos below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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