Viral Now On Reddit: Stunt Performer Travis Pastrana Skydives Without A Parachute

Skydiving is an extreme sport or activity wherein the person, the skydiver, jumps from an aircraft and performs acrobatic maneuvers in the air during their free fall before landing by parachute.  

Now skydiving is a sport that you would want to take seriously – unless you want the unexpected to happen. 

When you want to skydive, you should never do this without a parachute. The main purpose of a parachute during skydiving is to reduce the falling speed of the skydiver so they can land on the ground safely. 

You’ve previously heard about the 104-year-old Chicago woman who attempted to become the world’s oldest skydiver. Well, she’s got a parachute. But, this guy, named Travis Pastrana, once did skydiving without a parachute. Yes, without a parachute.

Redditor u/HelloKitty_theAlien posted the video of Pastrana’s skydiving stunt, which has already gained around 4,500 upvotes as of press time. 

‘Not the most WTF thing’ Pastrana has done

In the video, Pastrana was captured on an aircraft at first, then drank a beverage from a can before jumping off the aircraft without a parachute.

He then did some tumblings and other acrobatic maneuvers in the air without his parachute. Moments later, the other skydivers with him just approached him to give him a parachute. 

Thankfully, it went well. 

Another Redditor, Syndicofberyl, commented that it was “not the most WTF thing” Pastrana has done.

Injured in parachuting accident

Sure, Pastrana looks like an expert on these stuff. He is actually a professional stunt performer and motorsports competitor and stunt performer who has bagged championships and X Games gold medals in many disciplines, including supercross, motocross, rally racing, offshore powerboat racing, and more.

Is he “afraid” of parachutes? Well. 

In January last year, the 40-year-old stunt performer reportedly suffered from injuries from a parachute stunt that went wrong when he attempted to jump from a high-rise downtown hotel to the Huizenga Plaza below.

Don’t try them at home.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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