Sofia Richie Revives A Beauty Trend In The 2000s On Her Latest GRWM TikTok Video

Most people would literally be forgetting the beauty trends of the past, such as, perhaps, the 90s minimalism and the 70s makeup. 

For fashion content creator, social media influencer, and model Sofia Richie Grainge, she would prefer keeping them in her closet for some revival sometime in the future. 

Just like what she did on her latest GRWM TikTok video. #GRWM is a popular social media hashtag that means, “Get Ready With Me.”

Particularly, she took her followers to a tour down memory lane with the concealer lips of the 2000s. 

“Quick GRWM with current favorites and of course, @Nudestix,” the 25-year-old captioned her TikTok post.  


Quick GRWM with current favorites and of course, @Nudestix

♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

Interestingly, the concealer lips of the 2000s were considered bad, and many were very happy to bid goodbye to it. But, Grainge is reviving it with a twist. 

Her interpretation of these concealer lips is a far cry from those bad lips of the past. She used concealer as a finishing touch to “pumpkin spice lips” by adding a dab of concealer in the center of her lips to appear like a highlighter.

The result? A gorgeous ombré lip that you might want to try.

Grainge is a social media personality and model. She has been featured in campaigns by various major brands which include Adidas, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors.

She is the youngest daughter of popular singer Lionel Richie.

What do you think of her latest GRWM discovery?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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