Experts Weigh In On Parents Pulling Pranks On Their Kids

The Internet and social media have gone a long way. From using social media as a platform to reveal things the public never knew before, to the fun side of things like pranking other people. 

Pranks and challenges like the #CheeseSliceChallenge and #EggCrackChallenge have let out laughter from the online community. But what if kids are involved, much more are victims to these pranks?

Previously, you read somes expert commentaries about a fitness trend. This time, experts weigh in on this issue about pranks. 

Pranks for fun?

Pranking other people and letting people watch these stunts are great ways to release your stress. Parents, too, are doing pulling these pranks on their kids. 

Two are the most popular ones today are the #CheeseSliceChallenge and the #EggCrackChallenge. 

In the #CheeseSliceChallenge, parents fling a slice of cheese onto the infant’s face, bringing in confusion and tears. 

Meanwhile, the #EggCrackChallenge is usually done to kids who are present to somehow help their adult guardians or parents preparing a meal involving eggs. To these kids’ surprise, however, the egg gets cracked against their foreheads. 

In this video, two adults (one is the child’s mom, and the other is her grandmother, perhaps) pull the egg-crack prank on the kid. Obviously, the little girl was dismayed and took vengeance by also cracking an egg on the forehead of one of her adult companions. 

Sure, these pranks are funny, but experts say there are boundaries.

‘Significant emotional distress in children’

Dr. Niky, a pediatrician and mom who is also on TikTok, said pulling pranks on kids have repercussions.

“Pranks can lead to significant emotional distress in children,” Dr. Niky said. “Depending on the type of prank, it can elicit genuine fear and anxiety in kids, especially in younger kids who may not understand that it’s just a joke. Some of the pranks can also inadvertently cause physical harm.”

Another specialist, Amy Marschall, a clinical psychologist, told the media that “consent is important” when it comes to safe pranking between parents and kids.

Many of these prank videos are also shared around online, but Dr. Niky has a warning.

“Parents must remember that even if removed, online content can resurface and affect the child’s reputation during adolescence or adulthood,” she said. “It subjects a child to potential bullying and harassment that can have long-lasting emotional consequences.”

Think before you prank. Think before you click.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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