‘Bro Thinks He’s On The Team’: MrBeast Seen Wearing Buccaneers Jersey At NFL Game, But Fans Don’t Like It

To keep their followers flowing like a gushing waterfall, today’s influencers must think of stunts that will appeal to the public, or that they practically wouldn’t like, as bad publicity still is publicity, like the adage goes. 

MrBeast is seemingly keeping that principle as one his appearances was in a National Football League (NFL) game where he was seen wearing a full Buccaneers uniform last Sunday. The uniform had his name “MrBeast” printed at the back with his jersey number “1.”

The world’s famous influencer is adding this appearance in that NFL game as one of his tie-ups with the world of sports. 

Previously, the influencer’s chocolate company, Feastables, signed a deal with NBA’s Charlotte Hornets for the logo of his chocolate brand to be printed on the Hornets team members’ jerseys. 

Now, MrBeast is being generous to the NFL. 

The official account of NFL on X posted about his appearance and attire, saying, “@MrBeast is ready to sub in for the @Buccaneers at any moment. (emoji)” 

This appearance of the 25-year-old YouTuber during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game versus the Atlanta Falcons is part of his ongoing partnership with the NFL. As you know, MrBeast has also appeared in advertisements that have aired during the Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, the way he wore the Buccaneers uniform wasn’t too pleasing for the fans. 

They took to social media to air their concerns. 

X netizen @thefoxxholeshow joked, “[MrBeast] for President”

Meanwhile, another netizen on the platform, @Yasuke1886, posted a “photo” of a real chicken looking at a restaurant’s menu that featured chicken nuggets, captioning the post, “[MrBeast] in the NFL”

“Bro thinks he’s on the team (emojis),” said another. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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