SSSniperWolf returns to YouTube – With her comments turned off

Recently, popular YouTube creator SSSniperwolf (real name Alia Shelesh) has caused a lot of drama. This is after she doxxed fellow creator Jacksfilms, who she has been in a feud with for quite some time. When it comes to content creators, doxxing is a very serious issue as it can lead to very real consequences. Nonetheless, it seems as though SSSniperwolf didn’t factor this in when she revealed his house on a live stream.

Interestingly, SSSniperwolf has a previous history of exposing other YouTubers, as she previously got into hot water by doing similar with a creator named EnigmaHood. Since this incident, she has come under considerable flack, which even led to YouTube temporarily demonetizing her channel. It is not known for how long this ban will last, but due to her videos often getting millions of views, this will surely hit the Turkish creator’s pockets.


Aside from a financial punishment, she has also been blasted by the internet community for her behavior and faces being canceled. As seen in the screenshot above, her latest video ‘Forbidden food I really want to eat’ had its comments turned off. Typically, this is done by YouTubers to avoid criticism in the comments section.

Overall, it will be interesting to see whether SSSniperwolf can recover her career after this. While she has received a lot of warranted flak lately, she may be down but not quite out. With over 34 million followers, it would be quite a fall as well if she didn’t come back from this.



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