Woman Shares Her Story Of Literally Running Into The Same Man Throughout Her Life!

The saying, “It’s a small world,” as well as the story written by Singaporean novelist Kevin Kwan where the guy protagonist “stalks” the girl protagonist, indeed apply to this woman on TikTok. 

If you run into your friends, neighbors, or co-workers at the grocery store, it is normal. But for that woman, she is literally running into the same man countless times in her life. Here’s her story. 

In school

A TikToker named Alanna Jo opened her now-viral video explaining how she is bumping into this guy named Steve her entire life and “needs to know what it means.” She went on further saying that, “for 37 years there has been a person who has existed on the periphery of my life… this is the story of me and this boy.”

It all started when she and Steve were in the same class in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. But, starting from her second grade year, Alanna’s family had been moving from town to town – only to find out that Steve was also there where she was. Creepy, right? They have been schoolmates since middle school.


Are steve and i supposed to join forces?! What does this mean?? #glitch #glitchinthematrix #coincidence #npc

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But wait until you find out the “weird coincidences,” in Alanna’s words. During her junior year in college, when she was studying abroad in Madrid, she found herself watching a World Series game at a random bar and, lo and behold, that same Steve walked into the bar when she was. 

Later that year, she went on saying she and her friends in Madrid decided to visit Prague, missed the pub crawl where they were supposed to be on, so they instead went to a random Irish bar. You know it. Steve was also there. 

At work

Until this month, Steve has been “creeping” into her life. Alanna shared a moment when she was in the copy room in her workplace just last October 6th, and a co-worker was talking about her fiancé who Alanna heard is named Steve. Alanna wanted to know more so she decided to ask her co-worker what her fiancés last name is, and it is the same Steve. 


Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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