Real Fitness Trainers Explain The TikTok-Famous ‘Cozy Cardio’

TikTok has been a huge platform all across the globe that many people use it to share their advocacies, tell the world about their life, do some trending dances, and even help others realize their health goals by starting a trendy workout routine.

That’s right. For some, workouts can take a toll on the more important things you need to do in your life. You won’t always have the time freedom to hit the gym all the time, right? 

This is exactly what TikToker Hope Zuckerbrow wants to address. She founded a workout routine called “Cozy Cardio” that is perfect for those who feel that the usual workouts are already monotonous and boring. 

And, her Cozy Cardio has become a trend followed by several people, and even picked up to be featured by news media outlets like “Good Morning America.”

What is ‘Cozy Cardio’?

In a nutshell, Cozy Cardio redefines your workout so it becomes an enjoyable and attainable part of your daily routine. It allows the person to seamlessly incorporate rigorous workouts into the comfort of their own living space.

Its founder, Zuckerbrow, makes sure she is leading by example. As she starts her Cozy Cardio routines, she would light up a candle, make her sumptuous drink, and turn on the TV for some Netflix viewing while doing the workout. 

“I love this concept, moving our bodies shouldn’t only be extreme and uncomfortable,” commented a TikToker on one of Zuckerbrow’s posts about her workout. 

What real trainers are saying about it

Sure, it is TikTok-famous, but what do certified fitness trainers really say about Cozy Cardio? Is it really effective?

Certified Professional Trainer (CPT), and owner and founder of CORE Cycle.Fitness.Lagree., a gym in Rhode Island, Denise Chakoian, said that while Cozy Cardio can be an effective workout, it might not be for everyone. 

“I think someone might feel more comfortable in a session like this if they are new to exercise, or if they want to lose a large amount of weight and can begin this in their own home to create an area they can start their journey,” Chakoian said. 

However, the trainer said this workout “will have staying power” for those who do not find working out with others amusing, or for those who only have time for exercise in their own spaces.

These fitness trainers, also however, point out the Cozy Cardio has its benefits. These include serving as self-care, being a sustainable routine, being accessible and welcoming, and having the capability to boost aerobic training.

Are you encouraged to try this too?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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