Huda Kattan Says She Doesn’t Want Israeli ‘Blood Money,’ Faces Boycott Of Her Beauty Brand

Almost 9,000 people have already signed a petition calling for the boycott of Huda Beauty after the brand’s founder, influencer Huda Kattan, said she does not want Israeli “blood money,” referencing the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. 

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been ongoing for decades now, but this year’s war started on October 7th, with Hamas’ coordinated surprise offensive on Israel. Hamas is the leader of Palestinian militant groups. 

The attack began in the morning with a barrage of at least 3,000 rockets launched from Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, against Israel. 

Death toll has surged to 3,785, as of press time. 

A day after this year’s war started, Kattan, who is Iraqi-American, posted a photo of her on Instagram celebrating her 40th birthday at Atlantis The Royal, a luxury resort in Dubai.

An Instagram user responded to her post telling her that “Israelis from all over the world love” her and her products.

“With most of their money, you chose Gaza. So remember this as soon as no Israeli buys from you again, anywhere in the world. And it’s a shame because we buy a lot,” the Instagram user added.

Kattan was brave enough to reply to the comment, saying, “I don’t want blood money.”

Because of her statements, a petition was started on urging Sephora to remove Huda Beauty products from stores in the United States. As of press time, 8,797 people have signed. 

Kattan is a makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur. Her Huda Beauty brand has become a worldwide sensation, retailing in Sephora and Harrods. 

In one her latest Instagram posts, she urged her supporters to help the children affected by the conflict by donating to UNICEF.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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