World Without Strangers: Grandma Who Accidentally Invited A Random Guy To Thanksgiving Dinner Is Doing It Again For The 8th Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Though this occasion is a tradition – think of turkeys, watching a football match, and bonding with the family – there are still so many things about Thanksgiving to get excited for. 

For Wanda Dench, a grandmother from Arizona, Thanksgiving is all about sharing your blessings and what you have with others – albeit accidentally. 

You may be familiar with this grandmother who accidentally invited a random guy named Jamal Hinton to her Thanksgiving dinner. Now, she is doing it for the eighth year. 

Touching, right? 

Not a scam

For all you who are not familiar with their story – by the way, they’re not a cougar-and-baby-boy-couple story, but more of like true friendship – everything started back in 2016 when Dench tried to text her real grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner, but accidentally sent the message to Hinton. 

Nowadays, text messages from random people seem like a scam, but Hinton did not think it was. He replied asking if he could “still get a plate” despite being a stranger.

Dench did not ignore the question, as she may have realized that she texted the wrong person.

“Of course you can,” she replied. “That’s what grandma’s do… feed every one.”

So since then, Hinton has been joining Dench for Thanksgiving dinner, and the grandmother has been doing it yearly and even plans to invite the young man again this year. 

From friends to business partners

Their story has touched everybody’s hearts and those who believe in the goodness of Thanksgiving, that Dench and Hinton were invited to be part of a TV game show titled “The Cube.”

Just wow.

Not just that, but the two are now also business partners for alkaline black water BlackMP, a drink infused with soil-based organisms probiotics, humic, fulvic, trace minerals, pH 10, and electrolytes. 

See Hinton’s post on X below.

To borrow from Giordano’s tagline, it is indeed a “world without strangers.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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