Justin Timberlake To Buy The $139 Million Mansion MrBeast Featured?

After YouTube sensation MrBeast test drove the world’s most expensive car, he recently embarked on a tour of the world’s most expensive house valued at $139 million. 

And he is bringing celebrity friends in tow, such as “This I Promise You” singer Justin Timberlake. 

World’s most expensive house

Together, they toured the world’s most expensive mansion, which spans three stories and boasts a stunning array of facilities that include 12 bedroom, 17 bathrooms, a state-of-the-art car elevator worth $2.5 million, an expansive home theatre with reclining seats, a humongous remote-controlled screen standing behind an outdoor pool, and a panoramic view of Los Angeles’ skyline, among many others. 

In the video, MrBeast jokingly introduced Timberlake as its homeowner, which the singing sensation responded to with a brightly-humored denial. 

MrBeast also shared a photo with Timberlake on his Instagram account. 

Will Timberlake purchase it?

“The CGI is perfect. It looks real,” Timberlake commented as he explored the lavish mansion, appreciating the breathtaking views of the City of Angels through the house’s expansive windows. 

The group also came across an apparent dinosaur fossil, and further toured the mansion’s “master bedroom” complete with an oversized shower made for communal use (according to the video), which made everybody laugh.

At the end of the tour, MrBeast asked Timberlake if he would consider buying the house. The singer jokingly agreed, saying, “I’m in” if and only if one of the YouTuber’s friends’ shirts came with the property.

You can watch the full video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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