Dunkin’ Sold This Customer Its Jack-O’-Lantern Donut That Looked More Like Joker – People Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s more like the Halloween season right now than April Fools’, right? But with this encounter of a customer of Dunkin’, it seems that the doughnut chain is reminiscing or fast-forwarding to April Fools’. 

Aside from its pumpkin-flavored beverages, it has been a tradition for Dunkin’ to also offer fall-themed or Halloween-themed donuts for doughnut foodies who want to get their spook on. 

There is a video going viral now that shows what this Dunkin’ customer got as her jack-o’-lantern doughnut – which is not what is shown in the advertisements. 

The video came from @deee_2525 on TikTok, who captioned the post, courageously tagging Dunkin’, “@Dunkin’ (emoji) I just wanted a nice jack-o-lantern donut (emojis) #dunkindonuts #halloween #Fail #dunkinfail #donut #fyp #foryoupage #Foodie #jackolantern #wlw”

In the clip, she first showed what the doughnut should look like based on what was advertised, then transitioned to the doughnut which she got.

But, instead of ranting ferociously to Dunkin’ on the video, she just laughed it off.

“I’m literally crying!” @deee_2525 was heard in the video saying.

Instead of a cute pumpkin-themed doughnut with a triangular-shaped nose and a squiggly chocolate line for the month, what she got was a doughnut without a “nose,” with two pumpkin candies lodged into the icing as the “eyes,” and an overly-done chocolate line for the month. It looked more like Joker. 


The netizens who saw the clip also couldn’t stop laughing. Whether she was joking or not, TikToker Ashley commented, “You needed to demand a refund.”

According to Dunkin’, they are now offering a Peanut Butter Cup iced macchiato, a Dunk-O-Lantern Donut – the one which @deee_2525 ordered – a Spider Specialty Donut, and a Blood Orange Refresher.

“The Dunk-o-Lantern is here! This festive treat features a classic pumpkin-shaped donut shell filled with vanilla-flavored butter crème filling, topped with orange icing, and a classic Jack-o’-lantern grin,” Dunkin’ said about its limited-edition offers.

Well, nonetheless, happy Halloween!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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