Nina-Marie Daniele claims viewers should sue Logan Paul & Dillon Danis after ‘horrible fight’

Unless you live under a rock then you’d have seen the Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis boxing match last night. This took place in Manchester, England, and was the result of months of build-up between the two rivals. For months, Danis criticized Paul due to the relationship with his fiance, Nina Agdal. However, last night it was a different Nina who was critical of the American grappler.

Responding to a comment on Instagram, UFC pundit Nina-Marie Daniele wrote: “The only lawsuit that should be happening is us suing Logan Paul and Dillon Danis for that horrible fight 😂 We got robbed y’all 😤” This comment gained over 2,500 likes which shows how she hit the nail on the head. Obviously, Nina-Marie Daniele will be well aware of Danis’s exploits due to her MMA connections.


Also known as Nina Drama, the pundit was responding to the awful boxing match between the two rivals. Here, Logan Paul won by disqualification. This happened after he was winning the fight before Danis decided to try and hit Paul from behind after Danis was knocked down. A ruckus resulted from this which summed up the drama surrounding the event. Although this was dramatic, it also threatened to overshadow the event which wasn’t exactly a classic in terms of displaying boxing skills.

Over the years, Nina-Marie Daniele has been known for her hot takes on combat sports and clearly latched on to the public consciousness with her comments.



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