Viral Now: Argentine Spider-Man Puts On A Show On The Streets

When he is not busy fighting crime on the streets of New York, Spider-Man may be in… Argentina?

This Argentine Spider-Man is going viral now worldwide. Costumed as Spider-Man, he is actually a street performer entertaining and earning some extra income wowing passersby in the busy streets of Córdoba, a city in the South American country. 

“Saving the world from boredom, one red light at a time (emojis),” said the Facebook page of LADbible, which shared the viral video. “When he’s not busy fighting crime on the streets of New York, this Spider-Man likes to put on a show for passersby instead. He may not get very far on that web, but he does have one or two superhero moves up his sleeve.”

The street performer is seen dangling on a fabric rope doing some acrobatics with a touch of theatrics. It may also seem that he is performing some aerial yoga

With his performance, he can dazzle onlookers who were very open to give him some applause. 

As the traffic light turns on to red, this “Spider-Man” swings into action, dancing, posing, and showing off his “spidey” skills. 

Netizens who saw the video online are quite impressed – and amused, too. 

“Me when I change the sheets / duvet on the bed,” quipped Facebook user Phil Saville. 

Meanwhile, another commented, “Works for famous group who performs in [Vegas] when not in action, lol”

Life in the city can get too stressful at times, and this Argentine Spider-Man proves that sometimes a touch of imagination and a stroke of showmanship can turn everyday moments into something spectacular.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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