Sports Creator Michael Bisping Believes Conor McGregor Will ‘Come Back And Look Great’ In UFC

Sports creator who got his trending YouTube channel Michael Bisping believes and expects that Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor will be in his top form, return to, and look great in the UFC. 

In one of his recent YouTube podcasts, Bisping said,  “Call me crazy, I think he’s going to come back and look great. I think that he’s going to be motivated. I think now he has six months to really turn it on. I know Dana came out and was asked about it at a press conference recently and said you know, maybe he hasn’t got that same hunger because he’s a very, very wealthy man. And that’s true. That is definitely a point, and we see him living his flamboyant lifestyle and rightly so. He’s earned that.”

Bisping added that for a guy to reach the levels that McGregor did, there has to be discipline and insane natural ability.

“And a guy that has that, if you give him six months, he can get that back again in my opinion because there’s two things you can’t buy. You can’t buy the UFC lightweight championship of the world, and you can’t buy respect as a fighter. And that’s something he holds dear to his heart,” he further pointed out. 

Bisping is a retired professional mixed martial artist hailing from England, and now commentates and runs his own YouTube channel. He talks about all things MMA. He is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and the first British fighter to compete in a UFC main event. 

McGregor left the UFC after breaking his leg last July 2021. It took years as it is also the same injury that the likes of Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva were not able to rebound from properly. 

UFC CEO Dana White doubted McGregor’s desire to compete, but Bisping is headstrong that McGregor will come back in better form.

You can watch the podcast below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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