YouTube Comedy Duo Rhett & Link Partner With A Chef To Launch ‘The Mythical Cookbook’

YouTube duo – and two of the most famous influencers worldwide, with a total of 51 million followers according to Forbes – Rhett & Link are known for their hilarious acts. 

But, little did the world know that they would also venture into the food industry. 

That’s right. The beloved content creators have partnered with chef Josh Scherer to launch a cookbook that will bring magic to your kitchen. Aside from being a chef, Scherer is also a food writer whose works have been featured on Los Angeles Magazine, Eater, Food & Wine, and Epicurious, to name a few.

The book, titled “The Mythical Cookbook,” takes foodies and fans on a journey into some magically creative recipes, as the name suggests. 

“The Mythical Cookbook” contains 100 delicious recipes such as orange chicken parm and Gatorade muffins, combining Rhett & Link’s creativity and the chef’s knack for snacking in perfect harmony. 

It also gives rules for “cooking deliciously, eating happily, and living mythically.” 

“IT FINALLY HAPPENED! We’re releasing a cookbook. Thanks to the tireless efforts of @mythicalchefjosh & the entire @mythicalkitchen team — you can bring all these Mythical recipes into your home!” said Rhett & Link’s official Instagram account

Though it is not releasing until March 2024, preorders are available now. 

Perfect whether you are a foodie or not so much, “The Mythical Cookbook” will surely bring magic and energy to your cooking. 

“[Mythical Chef Josh, Rhett & Link, and the Mythical Kitcheneers… have] taste-tested, mythbusted, and dreamed up the most inventive, delicious, and ridiculous foods imaginable, all for your eyeballs to eat on-screen. But, since your mouth does a much better job of eating than your eyeballs, this flavor-packed cookbook is bringing the best of the Mythical extended universe into your kitchen,” the cookbook’s official website said.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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