Toddlers Hilariously React To The Trending Imitating Cactus Toy

Something that could brighten up your day after all the stress – these kids react hilariously to the imitating cactus toy. 

The imitating cactus toy being played by children, toddlers mostly, is recently making waves on social media. 

The toy, which is available around like on Amazon, is described as made from non-toxic, therefore harmless, plush fabric, that can dance, talk, wriggle, sing, and basically repeat what the person who plays it does. 

However, it seems that not all kids who play with it appreciate all the fun.

Judge Faith posted a video on her official Facebook page showing some kids’ reaction to the toy.

Judge Faith’s video is titled, “Imitating Cactus Fun,” and she writes on the caption, “ROFL! The kids react too hilariously to the imitating cactus toy!”

Many of them jittered and got shocked upon seeing the toy move and wriggle, then crying out of surprise. 

There is also an uber-cute part where three kids, seemingly triplets, reacted to the toy. Not yet even moving, the toy brought out some tears from them. But when it started moving, interestingly, their crying stopped. 

The video already got over 7,000 reacts, as of press time. 

“The reaction and being so startled, is so hilarious,” Facebook user Raymond Brehmer wrote in the comments section. 

Meanwhile, another netizen from Facebook, Sandra Tobin Mahoney, said the act is a “good thing.”

“Because intentionally scaring babies is a good thing. Why would someone hurt their child then laugh at them while they cry?” Mahoney wrote. 

Would you mind buying this toy for your baby?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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