‘I Don’t Care About The Money’: MrBeast Wins $10K From Board Game Tournament

Here’s another achievement that MrBeast can add to his list: the YouTuber won $10,000 from a “Dune: Imperium Uprising” board game tournament, he tweeted on Monday. 

“Uprising,” its creator, Direwolf, describes, is a stand-alone expansion to “Dune: Imperium’s” blend of deck-building and worker placement.

“Continue to balance military might with political intrigue, wielding new tools in pursuit of victory. Spies will shore up your plans. Vital contracts will expand your resources. Or learn the ways of the Fremen and ride mighty sandworms into battle!” the board game’s creator further explained. 

$10,000 is ‘nothing’ to MrBeast, fans say

“I won $10,000 in a board game tournament (emoji) Now I’m off to bury myself alive for a week lol,” MrBeast said in his tweet. 

But fans were quick to note that his winnings do not seem like a lot for the famous YouTuber, given that his content centers on expensive stunts and challenges, not to mention his millions upon millions of spending just on a single video. 

“That’s nothing to you,” commented one, while others said “That’s like pocket money for you lol,” and “Could take 10k out his bank and he wouldn’t even know it was gone.”

MrBeast’s annual earnings hit $82 million

MrBeast is one of the most-followed personalities on YouTube. Right now, he has around 194 million subscribers on the platform, most likely reaching the 200 millionth mark very soon. 

Furthermore, Variety also recently reported that the YouTuber has pulled in an estimated $82 million over the past year, which is more than twice the earnings of any other Internet content creator.  

MrBeast is not only known for his trending videos, but also for his many business endeavors and how he routinely supports charitable causes. 

Hitting back to those who commented about his win, MrBeast admitted he does not care about the money, adding that he just enjoys strategy games. 

“Yeah idc about the money, I just like strategy games,” he said in another tweet. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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