Employee Dishes Out Shocking Revelations About How McDonald’s Prepares Its Breakfast Choices: Will You Believe It?

McDonald’s is, undoubtedly, a crowd favorite worldwide – like for breakfast. 

If you are too lazy to cook your breakfast, you can easily head to the nearest McDonald’s store, drive to the nearest drive-thru, or order online to have your food delivered to your doorstep, even early in the morning. 

However, this employee took to TikTok to reveal “dirty secrets” that McDonald’s have when preparing its breakfast menu items. She is saying that your McDonald’s breakfast is not freshly made at all. 

The TikToker, @blexican_shay83 on the platform, shared a TikTok video showing packs of pre-made food, saying that the world’s famous fast-food chain just seemingly heats things up.

You can watch her TikTok video below. 

“Things that McDonald’s won’t tell y’all — y’all be getting folded eggs that come already made,” the TikToker said. 

Then, she panned the camera toward another box of pre-cooked hotcakes. She said, “Your pancakes, they are made already. They don’t do nothing but warm them up.”

Lastly, she also revealed a box full of pre-made burrito mix which goes to the sumptuous wraps that customers love. 

Will you believe her? 

Netizens’ reactions are mixed. 

“This employee should be fired. She has no right to video this. Did she ASK McDonald’s if she could disclose this?” TikToker @stacymartin8171 said in the comments action. 

TikToker @mr.gomez.69, meanwhile, requested for “more videos.”

It seems that people still would side with McDonald’s. They still love the chain.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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