Livestream Fail As Twitch Streamer Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

Twitch streamer Annoying and his friends had a harrowing encounter while live-streaming when armed thieves robbed them of a diamond chain and subsequently posted it on social media, demanding a $100,000 ransom.

Annoying, known for his NBA 2K content on YouTube and Twitch, has shifted his focus to IRL (In Real Life) streaming and was broadcasting from Toronto, Canada on October 7. The stream depicted him seated in a vehicle, listening to music, and engaging in conversation with his friends.

However, the situation took a perilous turn when an unidentified individual approached the group, brandishing a firearm, and proceeded to steal a diamond chain belonging to fellow Twitch streamer Cap.

Subsequently, the thieves took to social media, sharing images of the stolen jewelry and demanding a ransom of $100,000 for its return.

The group had been jovially chatting and bantering in the vehicle during their IRL stream. Meanwhile, Cap was positioned near an open side door. Abruptly, an individual clad in gray attire, wearing a hood and mask to conceal their identity, approached the door and pointed a gun directly at Cap.

“Let’s go, give me everything,” the thief can be heard saying as they entered the car.

The screen went black, and amidst the ensuing chaos, indistinct sounds could be heard in the background. One of the occupants urged, “Close the door, close the f*cking door,” while another responded with, “Chill, bro, chill.” Eventually, they managed to drive away safely.

Cap later provided additional details through his Twitter/X account, stating, “Just me vs 3 guns, I’m cool though, don’t worry.” He added, “A prime example of why I always move alone.”

The culprits subsequently resorted to social media, sharing images of the stolen jewelry and demanding a ransom exceeding $100,000 in exchange for the return of Cap’s diamond chain.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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