Former WWE Superstars Set To Create Their Own Twin Based Dating Show

Identical twins are on the lookout for love in the new reality TV show hosted by WWE alums Nikki and Brie Garcia, titled “Twin Love.” Here are all the key details:

You likely recognize Nikki and Brie Garcia as the beloved Bella twins from the WWE universe. However, following their retirement from wrestling in March 2023, they are enthusiastically seeking their next entertainment venture. It appears they’ve found it in the realm of reality television.

The Garcia sisters are transitioning from the wrestling ring to matters of the heart as they take on the role of hosts for a new dating series on Amazon Prime called “Twin Love.” This show puts the spotlight on multiple sets of twins as they embark on journeys of connection, all with the hopes of discovering true love.

The official teaser trailer for Season 1 was unveiled on Prime Video’s YouTube channel on September 29. It promises a dating series unlike any we’ve seen before. Although, pretty much all dating shows are the same, so this will be difficult to fulfil.

The show is scheduled to debut its first season on Amazon Prime on November 17. As of now, the official count of episodes for Season 1 has not been disclosed.

The teaser confirms that all the twins in search of love are identical. This unique twist means that two twin sisters could potentially find themselves attracted to a pair of men who bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, leading to either a delightful or unexpected turn of events.

The cast for the inaugural season is entirely fresh to the world of reality TV, adding an extra layer of excitement for viewers who are eager to witness their on-screen debuts. Here are the names of the twins embarking on their romantic journeys this season (in case you’d like to look them up on Instagram):

  • Brittany & Whittnay James
  • Seth & Luke Banks
  • Sabella & Hanna Radostitz
  • Jair & Micquel Bernier
  • Cameron & Ceara McKegney
  • Matthew & Andrew Beatty
  • Zoie & Baelee Bogart
  • Samir & Samer Akel
  • Morgan & Madison Ramsey
  • David & Aaron Cabello

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