xQc Unofficially Retires From Gambling After Winning $5 Million

xQc has disclosed that he has discontinued his involvement in gambling activities, a decision that follows his remarkable $5 million win in an online game. This change comes in the aftermath of a significant $1.1 million loss incurred during a gambling session in Las Vegas.

The subject of gambling on livestreams has long been a contentious issue within the streaming community. This is especially noteworthy because numerous prominent streamers have previously engaged in such activities, often while being sponsored simultaneously.

Given Twitch’s increasingly stringent regulations on gambling-related content, such as casino slots and CSGO skin betting, some streamers have turned to Kick. This platform, backed by Stake, was established after Twitch’s initial crackdown on gambling streams and permits streamers to broadcast a wide range of content.

Nevertheless, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, one of the most prominent streamers to transition to Kick, has faced criticism for his gambling streams. He has been forthright with his fans about his gambling habits, including his substantial loss of $1.1 million in Las Vegas in August.

However, it appears that xQc has now put an end to his gambling activities. He conveyed this decision to his Kick chat, sharing a screenshot of what appeared to be a $5,000,000 win in an online gambling game. Nonetheless, he subsequently informed his chat that he has withdrawn his funds and will no longer participate in gambling. He stated, “No, I already withdrew my money; I’m no longer gambling.”

Despite xQc’s openness regarding his gambling experiences, where he has shared both his winnings and losses, the topic remains a contentious one in the gaming community.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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