Jon Zherka blasts Sara Saffari and calls her ‘Clout chaser’

Controversial Twitch streamer Jon Zherka expressed disapproval of Instagram personality and fitness influencer Sara Saffari’s interactions with fellow influencers such as Bryce Hall, leveling accusations of “seeking popularity” against her. Additionally, he made disparaging remarks regarding her physical appearance and conduct. This isn’t the first time that Zherka has used his Twitter account to sling mud at others and Sara eventually clapped back with criticisms of her own.

This situation began when Zherka posted tweets critiquing Sara’s engagements with a variety of influencers, alleging that she was chasing clout. Simultaneously, he voiced derogatory observations about her looks and behavior.

In response to Zherka’s remarks, Sara countered, remarking, “Funny you say this You’re a 30 year old man who made a name for himself by doing this exact same thing. Calling people our & clout chasing…Bryce fight him.”

Sara further addressed the tweets by expressing her gratitude to Bradley Martin for aiding her career, while accusing Zherka of attempting to enhance his own reputation by attaching himself to influencers in the LA and Miami scenes.

For now, the beef has seemingly died down. Nonetheless, Zherka was clearly unhappy with Saffari and let his thoughts be known. Over the years, Zherka has gained popularity for his interactions with various internet personalities and his involvement in online debates and controversies.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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