Flight Attendant, TikToker Reveals Disgusting Plane Habits That Annoy The Whole Crew

Do you love traveling? If you do, you might want to first listen to what this flight attendant is saying. 

Natalie Magee, a flight attendant from Colorado, took to TikTok to share disgusting stuff she witnesses airplane passengers do that also annoy the entire crew. 

Pet peeve # 1

First, she slammed passengers who refuse to wash their hands after using the toilet. Well, honestly, washing your hands after using the bathroom must apply even outside airplanes, too.   

The flight attendant ranted: “There are so many [pet peeves], like when people don’t shut the bathroom door or leave the bathroom a mess. Also when you can hear it flush but not the sink so you know they didn’t wash their hands.”

She added that flight attendants like her are aware when passengers have this habit in the lavatory.

Pet peeve # 2

It is not just hygiene that’s disturbing Magee. She also revealed how she hates it when passengers head for the airplane lavatory without their shoes on. 

“Please, nobody take their shoes off at all! Disgusting.” a netizen commented on her post. 

“We would love it if people treated the space as their home and were tidy and respectful,” the stewardess said. 

Pet peeve # 3

Aside from passengers refusing to wash their hands or those who take off their shoes while in the lavatory, another thing that is annoying Magee is vaping. She also previously railed against passengers who use vape in the bathroom.

Most airlines across the globe, if not all, prohibit the use of e-cigarettes during the flight. 

Etiquette, please.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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