This Tenant Refuses To Leave Luxury Airbnb House In LA After Over 500 Days Of Stay, Refuses To Pay

Airbnb is a worldwide platform that is making it easier for people – like travelers, for instance – to find properties to rent. However, when a tenant is refusing to leave and pay after staying at an Airbnb house for so long, it becomes a nightmare for the property owner. 

Such is what’s happening to dentist Sascha Jovanovic who owns a million-dollar home in Los Angeles, but is having a “tenant from hell” who is refusing to leave after more than 500 days of stay and refusing to pay the recent dues.

Rent dues piling up

It was in 2021 when Elizabeth Hirschhorn rented Jovanovic’s home for the agreed duration of six months. But, two years later, Hirschhorn is still in the property and refusing to leave. 

She also has not paid anything in rent in over a year. 

Her stay was supposed to end in March 2022, but the property owner was just kind enough to agree in extending her stay until April. Yet, she still isn’t leaving. 

The woman reportedly paid $20,793 initially, but has not paid anything anymore since April 2022. 

The agreed price of the rent is $105 a night, which is even $110 cheaper than what was advertised on the platform. So, computing the total of the tenant’s dues, they have already piled up to $56,700. 

The property owner already filed an eviction notice.

But here’s the twist

This conundrum, believe it or not, has already reached the court. But here’s the twist. A judge ruled in favor of the tenant as it was found that Jovanovic’s luxury Airbnb house was not cleared for rental purposes. So, technically, the tenant does not owe him anything. 

But, the owner is still suing Hirschhorn in two different cases. First, a damages complaint to recoup $58,000 in paid rent, and second, an appeal to the judge who dismissed the eviction case.

Apparently, their situation is not an isolated case. There had been several “tenants from hell” in the past who also refused to leave the Airbnb properties they rented, such as this featured on The Trey King Show and on CHCH News.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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