Six-Legged Puppy Spaniel Dumped In A Car Park In Wales

It is really saddening to see owners get really picky when it comes to their pets, such as for instance if they find out it has got six legs instead of four. A puppy born with six legs was dumped in a supermarket car park in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

Poor dog

The puppy, an 11-week-old female spaniel, was abandoned and dumped outside B&M’s Pembroke Dock branch last week. 

Thanks to a passerby who stumbled upon the puppy on Wednesday, the poor dog was brought to Greenacres Rescue near the Haverfordwest county town in the Welsh county by the council’s dog warden. 

She was immediately checked-up in Fenton Vets, a veterinary service in Pembrokeshire, where she was named after Disney’s princess of “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel. They named her that way because the Fenton Vets staff likened her extra back legs – which are partially fused together – to a mermaid’s tail. 

“When Ariel was brought into our center she was very scared and timid,” said the founder and manager of Greenacres Rescue, Mikey Lawlor. “She spent that first night at home with me and she was almost completely shut down due to everything she’d been through.”

Raising funds for her treatment

Fortunately, many of those who heard about puppy Ariel’s story are not like those who just dumped her. 

More than around $2,400 has been raised to have her two additional back legs surgically removed. 

However, veterinarians have warned that she could lose one of her remaining “normal” back legs along the process. 

We are wishing everything will be well for Ariel.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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