Real-Life Hogwarts? This UK University Welcomes You To Enroll For Its Degree In Magic

The phenomenal “Harry Potter” franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. But no other school like this university in Britain has literally turned what was read in the books to real-life. 

The University of Exeter – with branches in Cornwall and Devon – is welcoming people who wish to study here to enroll in its Master program in Magic and Occult Science, the first of its kind from a university in the United Kingdom. Yes, magic. You read that right. 

Interdisciplinary magic 

“Build interdisciplinary expertise whilst exploring your specific interests within the long and diverse history of esotericism, witchcraft, ritual magic, occult science, and related topics,” said the university on the official page of the course. 

What’s more, your magic studies at the University of Exeter will also be interdisciplinary. The program will be facilitated by academics from a wide range of disciplines such as literature, history, archaeology, philosophy, religion, and drama. 

And yes, the university made history on that one. It is one of the only postgraduate courses in the country that lets students learn magic history with other subjects. 

Classes start September 2024

Some of the modules included in this one-year-long course are “The Western Dragon in Lore, Literature and Art,” “Philosophy and Psychedelics,” and “Esotericism and the Magical Tradition.” It’s really like studying in Hogwarts. 

However, if you are thinking that you can take the career path as a wizard after partaking in this course, sadly, wizardry isn’t included in the career choices, as per the university’s statements.

According to them, graduates of this course can use their learning in teaching, museum work, social justice, environment think tanks, spiritual guidance, and the arts, among others.

Enrollment is now ongoing. Classes will start September 2024.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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