#Fitspiration: Addison Rae Is Flaunting Her Sculpted Abs, Bikini Body Online

The summer season may be over, but definitely not for social media personality, singer, dancer, and actress Addison Rae. 

Addison has been treating her followers to let out their “ooh la la” moments as she shares photos of her sculpted abs and legs, as well as her bikini body on her Instagram account

The most recent post of her on Instagram has her dancing around in a suit with a knit scarf, flashing her toned abs and sculpted legs. As you swipe further, you will see her mid-sentence as she reveals her epic abs on full display, then her strutting forward toward the camera with her fierce look.

Her followers are loving those images. An inspiration, maybe? One is commenting, “Addison Rae = perfect woman,” while another simply said, “obsessed.”

Those were not the only images Addison shared which reveal her curves. 

You can take a look at some other images of her bikini body below. 

None of those curves will be made possible without working hard for it. Addison also loves going to the gym, such as at DOGPOUND, a fitness center also frequented by other celebrities. 

In 2021, the gym shared a behind-the-scenes video on its official Instagram account showing the actress working out. In the video, you will see her doing some weighted leg lifts, jumping jacks with roles, and rope slams, among others. For her booty, she loves doing leg extensions, leg circles, and pulses.

And, she also likes attending Pilates classes as she previously shared on her TikTok account. Pilates is a low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen the practitioner’s muscles while improving their postural alignment and flexibility.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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