Charli D’Amelio Says Her Collab With Dunkin’ Is ‘Better’ Than Ice Spice’s

In 2019, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio took to Twitter to announce her wish to do a collaboration with popular doughnut chain, Dunkin’. Shortly after, in September 2020, her wish came true.

The doughnut chain partnered with the TikTok star to launch a drink called “The Charli.” Aside from being an official menu item in the store for a limited time, “The Charli” is also Charli’s favorite, a medium cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl.

Though the drink is for a limited time only, the ingredients are available all year then, so people can order the drink at any time.

Aside from “The Charli,” Dunkin’ also launched “The Charli Cold Foam” under the collaboration. 

Dunkin’, Ice Spice

Then, a few weeks ago, Dunkin’ unveiled its collaboration with rapper Ice Spice. Like Charli’s during her time, the doughnut store introduced the new Ice Spice Munchkins drink, blended with caramel sauce and even Dunkin’s Munchkin donut holes. 

There was even a commercial launched for its collaboration with Ice Spice, featuring no other than Ben Affleck

You can watch the ad below.

Charli says hers is ‘better

However, in a lie detector test Charli participated in with Vanity Fair in late September, she said her collaboration with Dunkin’ is better than Ice Spice’s.

The TikTok star was asked, “Do you think your [Dunkin’] collaboration is better?” 

“Yes. I’m sorry! Like, I’m a die-hard fan. I really am,” Charli replied.

But Charli immediately added that she “shamelessly promotes them (Dunkin’) so much,” and is happy that the chain is doing some “cool stuff” with other celebrities like Ice Spice.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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