Controversial Déjà Vu: Chinese Streamer Accidentally Mirrors Logan Paul’s 2018 S*icide Forest Video

Logan Paul, the American YouTube sensation, is no stranger to controversy, and recently, he’s been making waves on the internet once again, especially with the Misfits Prime Card match against Dillon Danis on the horizon. However, amidst all this, an eerie incident has reminded everyone of Logan’s infamous Japanese s*icide forest controversy from 2018. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Logan Paul himself involved this time, but a Chinese streamer who accidentally recreated a similar shocking moment by unknowingly revealing a deceased person on stream.

Logan Paul’s ill-famed “Tokyo Adventures” in the Aokigahara forest at Mount Fuji, Japan, became one of the darkest chapters in his career. In 2018, Logan and his team explored the s*icide forest, stumbled upon a lifeless body hanging from a tree, and even posted a video of the encounter on his YouTube channel. The backlash was severe, lingering on and tarnishing his reputation to this day.

In the realm of online content creation, exploratory streams focusing on abandoned structures have gained substantial popularity. Fans are drawn to the anticipation of discovering the unexpected during these real-life explorations. However, these streams can sometimes go awry, delving into controversial territory due to their unfiltered nature. Recently, a Chinese streamer unintentionally mirrored Logan Paul’s infamous s*icide forest drama.

The incident unfolded during a live stream where the Chinese content creator was exploring what appeared to be an abandoned morgue. Inadvertently, while unlocking drawers in the morgue, the streamer encountered a lifeless body, sparking a wave of shock and awe across social media.

The Chinese streamer reacted with a swift and frantic departure, loudly expressing their emotions in Mandarin. The incident swiftly went viral, drawing comparisons to Logan Paul’s 2018 s*icide forest controversy, reigniting the intense criticism and backlash that followed Logan’s actions.

IRL streams, known for their lack of filters and spontaneous nature, can often lead to unexpected and sensitive situations. The unnerving parallel between this recent event and Logan Paul’s infamous 2018 video has sent ripples through social media, leaving many shocked and unsettled.

This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the power and reach of online content, rekindling past controversies and sparking new discussions on responsibility and sensitivity in the world of content creation.



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