N3ON Stirs Controversy: Fans React to Comments on Lil Tay’s Return

In the fast-paced realm of internet sensations and controversies, Lil Tay, the 16-year-old rapper and internet personality, has made a grand reentry into the social media scene. After a recent swirl of rumors regarding her demise, Lil Tay has bounced back, releasing her latest single, “Sucker 4 Green.” The buzz around her new song has captivated the audience, even drawing speculation of an appearance on Adin Ross’s stream.

However, this return to the spotlight has not been without its share of controversies. Lil Tay, known for her explicit lyrics, flaunting wealth, and provocative behavior since she gained viral fame at the age of 9, is once again at the center of public discussions. The latest entry into this discourse is N3ON, a prominent streamer on Kick, who recently joined the conversation surrounding Lil Tay.

The connection stems from the controversial circumstances that surround both influencers. N3ON had faced backlash in the past for insinuating his death, a move that sparked a storm of criticism. Lil Tay’s alleged faked death drew parallels to N3ON’s controversial act, bringing them into a shared spotlight.

Taking to social media, N3ON posted a side-by-side comparison of Lil Tay’s recent Instagram Live and images from his previous videos where he faked his death. The caption read, “Lil Tay really stole my whole flow. Ngl tho.” What stirred the most attention among fans was the emoji he included at the end of the sentence – the heart-eyes emoji.

Fans were quick to react, sharing a variety of emotions and opinions online. Despite being only 19 years old himself, N3ON’s use of the heart-eyes emoji for the 16-year-old Lil Tay raised eyebrows, sparking both amusement and trolling from the audience. It’s worth noting that N3ON has built a reputation for his outlandish and bold remarks, contributing to his massive following on the Kick platform.

This online interaction is yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of internet personalities, controversies, and passionate reactions from fans that keep the digital landscape buzzing with excitement and debates.



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